Calligraphy, the art of beautiful handwriting. The term may derive from the Greek words for “beauty” (kallos) and “to write” (graphein).  - Britannica

Calligraphy requires a high level of concentration and patience. There is a certain way to hold the pen or pencil, and there is the right way and the right order to “draw” each line of a character, which is known as “strokes”. The direction of, and the pressure applied on, the pen/pencil are equally important to produce beautiful calligraphic writing.

Since there is a thought process that goes along with each stroke, children who regularly practice calligraphy can benefit from a boost of creativity and imagination as well. In addition to training their patience and cultivating a good sense of artistry, calligraphy can also improve their dexterity.

In our classroom, children are encouraged to explore the different calligraphy styles, each reflecting a different personal character, and to find one that suits their own personality. Not only will learning calligraphy improve their handwriting and character recognition, it will also give them an understanding of the Chinese cultural state of mind. In a way, learning calligraphy can provide a solid foundation to both culture and language.

Benefits of Calligraphy


  • Develops good handwriting in Kids
  • Improves concentration in them
  • Helps them to be more artistic and creative
  • It could be started as a hobby and further can even generate remuneration for assignments in certificate writing etc.
  • Increases their interest to further learn more styles in future
  • Since this is a unique learning, the kids would surely stand out in their peer group
  • It is fun to write in different attractive styles and gather not just attention but also appreciation