Programs Offered


Abacus Classes

Set the foundation for mathematical temper in your child at an early age. Abacus helps children focus, use both sides of the brain effectively & efficiently. Enroll in this summer camp today.


Age: 4.5yrs and above

T20 - Multiplication Tables

Multiplication tables

A fun and easy way to learning tables from 2 to 20.  Enroll today for this Summer Camp. 

Age: 6yrs and above

Handwriting improvement

Handwriting Improvement

Start early! When children learn good handwriting it has a lasting effect on their personality. And it affects their grades too.  Enroll today for this Summer Camp. 

Age: 5.5yrs and above



 Calligraphy is a visual art related to writing. Let them learn this beautiful art and explore their creativity.  Enroll today for this Summer Camp. 

Age: 9yrs and above

Drawing and Painting

Drawing & Painting

 Ignite passion for drawing & painting to expand their imaginations. Enroll for this summer camp.


Age: 4yrs and above



Understand about Aerodynamics and design; build and fly!  Enroll today for this Summer Camp. 

Age: 6yrs and above

coding for kids

Coding for Kids

Fun way of learning coding using JavaScript in this Summer Camp using the block-based visual programming language. Play, solve the puzzles and learn coding!

Age: 6yrs and above

games designing

Game Designing for kids

Kids learn to make their own Video Games using Scratch Language. Enroll today for this Summer Camp.

Age: 11yrs and above

mobile app & website designing

Mobile App and Website designing for kids

First Mobile App and their very own website! Yes, this course facilitates learning to understand and build App and website on our platform.  Enroll today for this Summer Camp. 

Age: 11yrs and above

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